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Operating Tables
- General, Bariatric, Sliding Top, Imaging

Surgical Lights
- LED, Procedure, Exam, Birthing
- Image Management for O.R.'s
Booms for Endoscopy, O.R.. Anesthesia, Cath-Lab, Perfusion, etc.
RFID / RTLS Technology
- Real Time Visibility of Assets
Inventory Management - SpaceTrax uses RFID technology to reduce theft, waste of expired goods, lost charge captures, & excessive inventories.
Storage Solutions
- Carts for Supplies & Procedures
- Cabinets of all types
- Casework, prefab & custom
- Open shelving, mobile & fixed
- Heavy Duty Storage
- Accessories

Instrument Containers
- Sealed Flash, FDA Approved
- Use for ALL methods of sterilization.
- Standard tray sizes
- User customizable tray configuration.
- Lifetime Warranty on containers.
- Sterrad use without corrosion.
- Flexibile Endoscope Containers.
Cleaning Solutions
Case Medical offers products for each step in the decontamination process.
The Skytron/Awarepoint partnership!
- Dennis O'Leary, M.D.joins Awarepoint!
- Leaders of RFID tracking for equipment.
Exciting results from SpaceTrax!
Secured Storage with RFID verification of actual quantities removed! Eliminate loss of Charge Captures, Inventory, and Excessive Inventories.
Skytron has major Integration leap!
Only Fiber Optic Cables. Converts All sources to DVI. The Fiber also supports future 3G-SDI and DisplayPort technologies! Keep cabinets further away from O.R.'s!
Mammendorfer Institute for Physics & Medicine
Da Vinci Medical, Inc.
MRI Compatible Syringe Pumps
MRI Compatible Patient Monitor
MRI Compatible Pulse Oximeter
MRI Compatible NIBP Monitor
Compartmental Pressure Measuring System (CPMS)
We also service all makes and models of steam sterilizers, including tabletop.
For Large and Small Healthcare needs
Primus Sterilzers